MWRA 2012-2013 Writing Contest Winners

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Ryand Cruz
Grade 3, Harvard-Kent Elementary School, Charlestown
Mrs. Knox, Teacher


Why I Recommend Tap Water

My name is Ryand. I am 9 years old. When I was younger one day I got sick. My parents took me to the hospital where they did some test on me. When the results came back I was diagnosed with a type of cancer called Leukemia LLA.

After that I had to spend many months in the hospital. During that time I only ate special foods prepared by the hospital. That included any drinks and water. Finally when I left the hospital and came to my house I only could eat foods that were approved by the doctors. I drank bottled water because my parents thought it was safer.

One day we went to the hospital because I had to visit the doctor. My parents and the doctors discussed the type of water that I was drinking. The doctors told my parents that tap water was better for me because the tap water in Boston was of very high quality. Also the dentist said that the tap water contained fluoride and that was good for my condition and for my teeth.

The doctors said that some bottled water may present a health threat to people with weakened immune systems, transplants or cancer patients like me, to the frail elderly, some infants, or people with HIV/AIDS. That is was better to buy me a water filter and that way we could save money.

My parents went and bought me a water filter that I still use, and sometimes I drink tap water without a filter and that is safe, too.

So should you drink tap or bottled water? It all depends on where you live. There are few cities where tap water is still drinkable. Mine, for example!

But if you have to travel, you should drink bottled water of course. There are countries like the USA where you can drink tap water. But if you went to Latin America, the only way to drink tap water is through a water filter. The filtered water is safe.

So, if the doctors told me it was better to drink tap water in the area where I live, then I can say that I recommend tap water rather than bottle water.

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