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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


Here are some suggestions on how to start learning about MWRA and our projects.

MWRA.COM WEBSITE - Browse our website for the basics and links to more detailed information.

PUBLICATIONS - Visit our publications page to download fact sheets, reports and other in-depth coverage of MWRA-related topics.

E-MAIL US A QUESTION - MWRA staff can answer questions, help focus your search, and put you in touch with science, engineering and policy experts. Send your questions to Kristin MacDougall, MWRA Public Affairs. Please note that this service is for educational purposes. It is not intended for business solicitors.

MWRA LIBRARY - The MWRA Library holds a large collection of books, historical documents, reference materials and periodicals. To make an appointment or to ask a question, contact our librarians by email: or call (617) 305-5583.

LINKS - Connect to other agencies to learn more about water, sewer and environment-related topics through our links page.

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Updated October 2, 2014 1:16 PM