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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


January 19, 2024


Sean Navin
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MWRA Releases Greenhouse Gas Inventory Update

MWRA recently released its Greenhouse Gas Inventory Update with the latest available data in order to present and examine MWRA greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from 2006-2022. The objectives of this inventory are to:

1. Present an analysis of GHG emissions to identify major sources and reveal trends
2. Highlight successes to date regarding GHG emission reductions
3. Identify emissions reduction opportunities

MWRA’s 2022 Greenhouse Gas Inventory reflects a 41% reduction in emissions since 2006, surpassing the Commonwealth’s 33% target for 2025. By continuing its long standing commitment to energy efficiency, electrification, and renewable energy, MWRA plans to build on this progress in the coming years.

Check out our efforts to reduce emissions and read the report in its entirety here.


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Updated January 19, 2024