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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


March 29, 2023


Ria Convery, (617) 788-1105,

MWRA Contract W343 Weston Dam Instrumentation (Piezometers) Installation Starts Monday April 3, 2023

Visitors to Weston Reservoir walking the perimeter trail will see some activity on the dam starting Monday April 3rd.  There will be drill rigs operating at the locations shown on the image below (white dots). The work entails drilling borings into the dam at specific locations to install piezometers, which will then be enclosed at ground surface.

Piezometers measure the piezometric (or groundwater) pressures at various levels in the dam. Evaluation of this data provides information on internal dam conditions and may indicate potential developing problems that could otherwise go unseen.

This contract is to comply with the Massachusetts Office of Dam Safety Regulations (302 CMR 10.14(8)(d) which require piezometers in dams.

While the work areas will be defined, the walking public is advised to stay clear of the drilling operations and keep dogs leashed when crossing the dam area so as not to interfere with this work.  It is important to prevent dogs from approaching the drill rig workers when they are operating these rigs. The workers will be wearing hearing protection and may not hear or see public passing through the area.


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Posted March 29, 2023