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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


April 19, 2019


Ria Convery
(617) 788-1105,

Public Hearing on Proposed Amendments To TRAC Regulations

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), pursuant to its authority under St. 1984, c.372, §§ 6 and 8, as amended, and in accordance with M.G.L. c. 30A, will hold a public hearing on proposed amendments to its Adjudicatory Proceedings Regulations, 360 CMR 1.00, Enforcement and Administrative Penalties Regulations, 360 CMR 2.00, and Sewer Use Regulations, 360 CMR 10.000. These proposed amendments:


Incorporate changes required by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to bring MWRA’s Sewer Use Regulations in conformance with EPA’s Pretreatment regulations;


Incorporate changes to the local limits for the Clinton Sewerage Service Area;


 Increase annual charges paid by permit holders; and


Amend the regulations so as to clarify:i) MWRA’s administrative permitting and enforcement practices,



procedural practices in adjudicatory proceedings, and



existing language.

All persons desiring to provide oral testimony are hereby notified to appear at 10:00 am on Monday, May 13, 2019 at the MWRA, 2 Griffin Way, Chelsea, Massachusetts 02150. An electronic copy of the proposed amendments can be viewed here.

MWRA will accept oral and written comments at the hearing. In addition, MWRA will accept written comments until 5:00 pm on Monday, May 20, 2019, by mail or hand delivery to:

Rebecca Weidman
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Toxic Reduction and Control
2 Griffin Way
Chelsea, MA 02150
 or by e-mail to:


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Updated April 18, 2019