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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


June 11, 2019


Ria Convery
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MWRA Water Report is in the Mail

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Throughout the month of June, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority will be mailing its Annual Water Quality Report to every household in its service area.

The report also emphasizes that the water system is well protected. 

“From the source reservoirs, to the treatment plants to the storage tanks, we have real-time water quality monitoring that allows us to check the water every step of the way,” said MWRA’s Executive Director Fred Laskey. “We also have emergency plans for all of our facilities so we can quickly respond to any issue any time of the day or night.”

The report is distributed to over 850,000 homes in the MWRA service area as required under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. Community-specific inserts also provide information about municipal water systems. The reports are being mailed through the end of June. Look for it in your mailbox.

The report is also available on-line and a Spanish language version will be available soon. A larger- print version is available upon request.

For more information, please visit MWRA’s website at or call 617-242-5323.


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Updated June 13, 2019