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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


June 19, 2018


Jeff McLaughlin

Important Notice for Stoneham Residents

Cottage – Elm – Oak – North Street

Water Pipeline Activation Requires 24-hour Work
Cottage – Elm – Oak – North Street, Stoneham

As part of the next phase of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority project, it is necessary to activate the water pipeline that was installed last year. MWRA and construction personnel from the contractor will commence disinfection and activation of the new pipeline: Wednesday June 20, 2018,

Activation of a pipeline requires continuous work 24 hours per day for a up to 7 days. There will be no disruption to homeowners water service or any other utilities and no excavation will be required. Police details will be on site to assist if necessary and roadway access will remain open at all times. Construction vehicles with flashing lights will need to access previously installed underground structures on the above streets for 7 days on a 24-hour basis. Please do not be alarmed if you observe our vehicles and staff at unusual hours during this time.

We apologize for any inconvenience encountered as a result of this project. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call or email.


For more information, please call Jeff McLaughlin at MWRA at 617-305-5762 or email at Or, at site: Alejandro Alverez (617) 454-7531.

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Updated June 19, 2018