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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


September 11, 2017


Jeffrey McLaughlin
(617) 305-5762,

MWRA Water Main Maintenance Work May Cause Discolored Water in Areas of Chelsea, Everett and East Boston

map of potentially affected area

On Tuesday, September 12, MWRA will be conduction water main maintenance on Spring St in Everett. The work is expected to take about 3 days. This work may cause discolored water in Everett, East Boston and in some areas of Chelsea (map, PDF). No disruption to water service is expected.

If discolored water does occur, it will result from a small amount of iron in local pipes. Please note that iron will stain light colored items in your laundry, especially when bleach is used. Residents should check water clarity before washing any white of lighter colored laundry during this period of work.

If you have any questions, please call Jeff McLaughlin at (617) 305-5762, or MWRA's 24-hour water line at (617) 305-5950.


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Updated September 11, 2017