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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


February 6, 2017


Len Cawley
(617) 305-5757,

MWRA Performing Leak Repair Near Hurd Brook, Needham

Location of MWRA pipeline prepair in Needham

MWRA Operations will be repairing a leak on the MWRA Section 80 pipeline starting Monday February 6, 2017. The leak is located in a wooded area near Hurd Brook and the Needham/Wellesley town line behind 68 Captain Robert Cook Drive in Needham and the Sun Life Financial offices in Wellesley (see map, PDF). The work requires tree removal and the setup of sedimentation barriers prior to starting excavation. Excavation is likely to start on February 21 and the project is expected to last approximately 4 – 6 weeks.

MWRA will access the pipeline through Captain Robert Cook Drive in the Needham Housing Authority. The work will require the occupancy of several parking spots and a ball field within the Needham Housing Authority, but there should not be any traffic impacts. A portion of Section 80 will need to be isolated for a 2-3 days. Discolored water is not expected as a result of this isolation, but is possible. The isolation will likely happen at the end of February.

The work has been and will continue to be coordinated with the Needham Housing Authority, Sunlife Financial Services, the Needham and Wellesley water departments, and the Needham Conservation Commission.

If you have any questions, please call Len Cawley at (617) 305-5757, or MWRA’s 24-hour water phone line at 617-305-5950.


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Updated February 6, 2017