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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority



February 14, 2017

January 23, 2017


Jeffrey McLaughlin
(617) 305-5762,

MWRA Work at Morton Street and
American Legion Highway, Boston May Affect Traffic

Location of work, Boston

Update 02/14/17

Excavation work has been delayed due to weather. The work is now expected to start on February 21, 2017 and end on March 1, 2017.

MWRA operations will repair a leak on a water main coupling located on Morton Street at the American Legion Highway in the Jamaica Plain/Roslinale area of Boston. Work will begin on Monday, January 23 and is expected to last 1-2 weeks. This work will require an excavation in the westbound, inbound lane on Morton Street at the American Legion Highway Approach (see map, PDF) and could impact traffic. The work will start after 9:00 a.m. each morning.

A short pipeline isolation is required for this work. Discolored water is not expected for this isolation, but it is possible. If discolored water does occur, it will result from a small amount of iron in local pipes. Please note that iron will stain light colored items in your laundry, especially when bleach is used.  Residents should check water clarity before washing any white or lighter colored laundry during this period of work.

For more information, please contact Jeff McLaughlin at (617) 305-5762 or MWRA's 24-hour water phone line at (617) 305-5950.



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Updated February 14, 2017