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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


Ocbober 11, 2016


Jeffrey McLaughlin
(617) 305-5762,

MWRA to Perform Pipeline Maintenance Work
on Riverside Avenue in Medford

Location of Worksite

MWRA pipeline crews will perform water main maintenance work on Riverside Avenue in Medford between City Hall Mall and River Street week from October 12 through October 14, 2016.

This work includes the installation of Cathodic protection equipment on a water pipeline and will require a 15-foot long, 10-foot wide, 3-foot deep excavation in the street. Discolored water is not anticipated but is possible.

If you have any questions, please contact Jeff McLaughlin at (617) 305-5762, or MWRA's 24-hour water line at (617) 305-5950.


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Updated October 11, 2016