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September 22, 2016


Ria Convery
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MWRA Staff Get A “High Five” from Governor Baker

MWRA -- Governor Charlie Baker, the Latham family and MWRA staff

Governor Charlie Baker, the Latham family and MWRA staff.
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It’s kind of a long story, but it’s a good one.

Just before Labor Day, Mr. and Mrs. O. Bradley Latham of Reading approached Alejandro Alvarez, an MWRA assistant civil engineer working on the Northern Intermediate High project with what they thought was an impossible request.

It seemed their son Josh was returning a tour of duty in Afghanistan and they were throwing a welcome home party. They wondered if there was anything that could be done to tidy up the street in front of their house, which looked very much like a large construction zone.

Alejandro assured Mrs. Latham that MWRA was very supportive of veterans and he would do whatever he could.

Alejandro worked with MWRA construction coordinator Jerry Sheehan and the contractor, Albanese D&S, and had the site cleaned up and a large valve and other equipment moved.

As an added touch, MWRA communications specialist Barbara Allen made a poster welcoming Josh home, which was framed by MWRA facilities specialists Paul Hynes and Derick Olivar, then delivered to the Latham’s front yard.

Mr. and Mrs. Latham were so overcome with joy that they wrote a letter to MWRA Executive Director Fred Laskey detailing what had happened and sent a copy to Governor Baker. 

A few days later, Fred got a call from the Governor’s office saying that he was so moved by the story that he was inviting everyone up to the State House on September 19 to give them the Governor’s High Five Award “in celebration of the extraordinary act of kindness and caring.”

The award, which is signed by the Governor, says that “It is citizens like you who set an example for us all to aspire to. We are proud to commend your outstanding character and contribution to your community.” 


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Updated September 23, 2016
Original Post: September 23, 2016