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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


Sepetmber 14, 2016


Ria Convery
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MWRA Joins National Imagine a Day Without Water Campaign to Raise Awareness About The Importance of Water Infrastructure Systems Nationwide

MWRA is participating in Imagine a Day Without Water, an effort to educate the public about the importance of water infrastructure in the United States. Organized by the Value of Water Coalition, hundreds of organizations are raising awareness about the crucial need for investment to ensure that no community in America is left without water and the infrastructure that brings it to and from homes and businesses.

Since it was created in 1984, MWRA has been committed to building, improving and maintaining its water system infrastructure, which provides high quality drinking water for 2.5 million people in 51 Massachusetts cities and towns.

Examples of MWRA’s recently completed major water infrastructure projects

2015: Spot Pond Covered Storage and Pump Station: A new, 20 million-gallon covered water storage facility at Spot Pond in Stoneham that holds treated drinking water for six highly-populated Metro Boston communities and a new pump station that provides system redundancy for 21 communities.

2014: The addition of Ultraviolet Light (UV) drinking water treatment at the Carroll Water Treatment Plant in Marlborough and the Brutsch Water Treatment Plant in Ware: UV light, essentially a more potent form of the natural disinfection from sunlight, inactivates bacteria, virus and other pathogens, including chemically resistant parasites such as Cryptosporidium and Giardia.

2013: Hultman Aqueduct Rehabilitation and Interconnections:  Until 2003, this 1940s-era surface aqueduct was the sole major water conduit between MWRA water treatment facilities and Metro Boston. After MWRA’s MetroWest Water Supply Tunnel was turned on in 2004, the Hultman was taken off-line for major repairs.  The metropolitan water system now has full redundancy for the first time.


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Updated September 14, 2016
Original Post: September 14, 2016