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May 5, 2016


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MWRA Receives 2016
Massachusetts Public Water Systems Awards

Large Community System, (L-R): MA DEP Commissioner Marty Suuberg; MWRA employees Corrina Standring, Gil Machado, Guy Foss, Nick Metta, Ken Perry, Kim LeBeau, Dave Gottshall, Mark Johnson and Paul Porter;
Bill Zahoruiko, MA DEP NE Regional Office.

Deer Island Water System (L-R): MA DEP Commissioner Marty Suuberg; MWRA employees Ron Gasper, Natasha Parks and Mark Johnson; Bill Zahoruiko, MA DEP NE Regional Office.

MWRA is the recipient of two 2016 Public Water Systems Awards, presented by the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection in celebration of National Drinking Water Week.

“Drinking Water Week is an excellent opportunity to thank those workers who, throughout the year, have served diligently to deliver a safe, reliable water supply to the residents of the Commonwealth,” said Governor Charlie Baker. “Small or large, all of these systems are critical to the health and well-being of the public.”

This year, MWRA received an award for excellence in the Large Community System category, and MWRA's Deer Island Treatment Plant water system received a Nontransient Noncommunity System award.

“The tasks facing state drinking water programs and public water systems continue to be extremely challenging, but we recognize how critical they are to public health and the vitality of our economy,” said EEA Secretary and MWRA Board of Directors Chairman Matthew Beaton. “The drinking water infrastructure presents us with some daunting resource demands, but these awards are a means of noting how some of those have not only met that challenge, but done exemplary work to maintain our public water systems.”

The 2016 awards were presented at a May 3 ceremony held at the Devens Community Center.


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