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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Posted: November 10, 2015

Ria Convery
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Notice for Residents of Lynn:
City of Lynn Has Returned to Normal Service
and Is No Longer Using MWRA Water

The City of Lynn reactivated its low service reservoir in the afternoon of November 10, 2015. All water quality samples were good, and the Department of Environmental Protection has inspected the reservoir. The low service connection to MWRA has been closed, and Lynn is now back on their own water supply.

For questions concerning water quality including taste, odor, and color concerns visit the Lynn Water and Sewer Commission website or call the LWSC at 781-596-2400. Updates will be posted to Lynn Water and Sewer Commission's official Facebook page, where residents may post questions or concerns.

More information

Update: MWRA Notice for Residents of Lynn: (11/06/15)

MWRA Notice for Residents of Lynn

Question and Answers about Chloramines (PDF)

Questions and Answers about Rusty and Yellowish Water (PDF)

How the MWRA Water System Works

MWRA Annual Water Quality Test Results

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Updated November 10, 2015