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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Posted September 30, 2014


Ria Convery, MWRA
(617) 788-1105,

MWRA’s Valve Exercising Program – October, 2014

As part of its regular maintenance program, the MWRA will be exercising large water valves within several communities during the month of October. This work may result in discolored water in the areas below.

If discolored water does occur, it will result from a small amount of iron in the pipes. While safe for drinking, cooking, and other uses, please note that iron will stain light colored items in your laundry, especially when bleach is used. Residents should check water clarity before washing any white or lighter colored laundry during this period of work. 

Please call MWRA at (617) 305-5950 if you have any concerns.


Community Valve Locations
Arlington Park Avenue at Prospect Avenue
Broadway at Palmer Street
Belmont Park Avenue at Concord Turnpike, Arlington
Pleasant Street at Concord Avenue
Lexington Waltham Street at Concord Avenue
Watertown Street at Rte. 2
Medford Governors Avenue at High Street
Needham St. Mary's Street Pump Station
Somerville Boston Avenue at Dearborn Street
Broadway at Cedar Street
Waltham Mr. Feak Cemetery
Lexington Street Pump Station
Moody Street at Carter Street
Lexington Street at Waltham/Lexington Line
Waverly Oaks Road at Beaver Brook
Cedarwood Pumping Station
Lexington Street Pump Station
Wellesley Duxbury Street at Rte. 128



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Posted September 1, 2014