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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
April 3, 2014

Ria Convery, MWRA
(617) 788-1105,

Testing Emergency Water Connection in Ludlow
for Chicopee, South Hadley, and Wilbraham

On Tuesday, April 8, the Springfield Water and Sewer Commission along with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority will be conducting an emergency water connection test. The test will help determine Springfield’s capabilities to supply water to the MWRA’s Chicopee Valley Aqueduct communities (Chicopee, South Hadley and Wilbraham) in an emergency situation. A pump located along West Street in Ludlow will convey water between Springfield and the MWRA.

The test will begin at 9:00 am and run to 2:00pm. Please expect to see Springfield and MWRA vehicles and personnel, along with local Police officers in the Ludlow area. This test will not cause any disruption in service, but due to flow increases and flow changes within both systems, some discolored water may be expected.

If you experience discolored water, run all cold-water faucets for two to three minutes, shut the water off, allow the water to settle for about 15 minutes, and run the water again for two to three minutes. If the water does not run clear, repeat this process. Do not run the hot water faucets until the cold water runs clear. Thank you for your cooperation during this project.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Springfield’s Customer Field Service at 413- 787-6206 (for Ludlow)
MWRA at 617-305-5950 (for Chicopee, South Hadley and Wilbraham)



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Posted April 3, 2014