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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Updated August 29, 2013
Posted June 11, 2013

MWRA Public Affairs

MWRA Contractor to Conduct Soil Borings in Reading

map for NIHRP, MWRA (links to PDF)

Update 07/01/13: MWRA soil boring work will not take place this week. Work will resume on Monday, July 8, 2013. There are two borings left to complete.
Update 06/21/13: The drilling contractor will start work in the morning on Monday, June 24, 2013. Work is expected to last approximately 2 weeks.
MWRA Boring Contractor Soils Exploration Corp. and Boring Inspector Consultant Stephens Associates are set to begin conducting soil borings at 15 locations in the Town of Reading: Three locations on West Street, five locations on Oak Street, six locations on Summer Avenue, and one location at the intersection of Hopkins and Walnut Street adjacent to the park. (See map [PDF] for details).

This sub-surface exploration is required as part of the preliminary design process for the Northern Intermediate High Service Redundant Pipeline, a water line project that will provide much needed water system redundancy to the Town of Reading.

Soil Borings will begin on Monday, June 17, 2013 and last for two weeks. The contractor will be working from 7AM-4PM Monday through Friday. Soil borings entail blocking off a small area of roadway with a truck and boring rig, which drills to a depth of approximately 15 feet, pulling the sample up and removing
soil samples for further study. Work at each location takes about 6 hours.

To ensure the safety of the public and the workers, police details will be on site. The work has been coordinated with the Town of Reading.

For information regarding this project, please contact:
MWRA Public Affairs: 617-788-1175


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Updated August 29, 2013
Posted June 11, 2013