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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
June 11, 2013

Ria Convery, MWRA
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MWRA's Annual Water Report is in the Mail
Test Results Confirm Water Quality is Excellent

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has begun mailing its Annual Water Quality Report to every household in its service area.

For 2012, MWRA again met every federal and state drinking water standard. The hundreds of thousands of tests taken during the year confirm that the quality of MWRA’s water is excellent.

MWRA hopes the report will encourage residents to drink local tap water and highlights its environmental benefits and low cost compared to bottled water.

“Bottled water is convenient when you’re on the road and is a healthy alternative to sugary drinks,” said MWRA executive director Fred Laskey. “But at less than penny a gallon, tap water is the cleanest, safest and most cost effective alternative.”

The report also includes important information on how to reduce the risk of lead in drinking water. Although the water itself is lead-free, lead can get into tap water through home plumbing and even some brass water fixtures. System-wide, the MWRA has been below the Lead Action Level for the past nine years.

Required under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, the report is distributed to over 850,000 homes in the MWRA service area.

Community-specific inserts also provide information about municipal water systems. The reports are being mailed through the end of June. Look for it in your mailbox.

The report is also available on-line and in Spanish. A large print version is available upon request.

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Posted June 11, 2013