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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Posted May 30, 2012

Tom Lindberg, Public Access Manager, (617) 660-7974

Marianne Connolly, Senior Program Manager, (617) 788-1165

New Policy on Using MWRA Aqueduct Lands for Trails

On Tuesday, May 22, 2012, Massachusetts Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary Rick Sullivan and Massachusetts Water Resources Authority Executive Director Fred Laskey announced a new policy to make trails more accessible to the public along several MWRA aqueducts that are no longer in active service.

The new policy will provide MWRA with more control over public access activities on MWRA controlled land, while creating an opportunity for MWRA to partner with local municipalities for their enjoyment of these natural resources.

The announcement is the first step in a process. MWRA staff have begun to work with individual communities to develop agreements that detail the specifics on exact location of the trails, permitted uses, maintenance responsibilities, etc.

These agreements will preserve the Authority's primary water supply interest, while allowing host communities to officially partner with MWRA to become better stewards of MWRA land within their respective communities.

This page provides information on this new policy. Updates will be posted here.

Links to EEA release PDF
Aqueducts Map
map of mwra aqueducts
Maps of Trail Areas (coming soon!)
Frequently Asked Questions
What you need to know as MWRA and host communities plan the new trails
mwra aueduct logo Guidelines for Public Access to Commonwealth Lands under
the Care and Control of MWRA 04/11/12
EEA Press Release

EEA Press Release

Download Release
05/22/2012 (PDF)

Links to EEA release PDF Links to EEA release PDF
Links to EEA release PDF

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Posted May 22, 2012

d Links to EEA release PDF