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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
December 10, 2012

Ria Convery, MWRA
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MWRA Completes Water Main Work on Route 1
Project improves water service for Lynnfield and Saugus

Lynnfield-Saugus Pipeline Ceremony (MWRA)

Lynnfield-Saugus Pipelines Project ribbon-cutting, December 10, 2012

(L-R: Michael Serino, Chairman, Saugus Board of Selectmen; Rep. Donald Wong; Senator Tom McGee; MWRA Executive Director Fred Laskey; MWRA Board Member Joe Foti )

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Lynnfield Saugus Pipeline Project Map (MWRA)
Project Map

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Today, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority, in cooperation with the towns of Lynnfield and Saugus, activated two new water mains that run underneath Route 1 in Saugus, marking the completion of a two-year project to improve water service to both communities.

MWRA ‘s service to the Lynnfield Water District, which serves about 30% of the town, was undersized and capacity had been routinely stressed during high water demand periods. Under the Lynnfield/Saugus Pipelines project, an 8-inch diameter pipeline was replaced with 36-, 24- and 12-inch pipe sections. The total length of the pipeline is 1.3 miles, running from Trader Joe’s to the Lynnfield Booster Pump Station.

Saugus also has water mains that run under Route 1, which have been prone to breaks over the last several years, often causing major traffic jams. The Town and the agency partnered to construct 6,000 feet of new 12-inch line parallel to the Lynnfield pipeline under the same contract. Combining these projects resulted in reduced design and construction costs, and helped to minimize traffic impacts.

The Lynnfield pipeline can now provide emergency service the Town of Saugus if necessary. Previously, Saugus installed a 12-inch water pipe along Route 1 south, from the Lynnfield town line to the Lynn Fells Parkway, a project funded by a $3 million, zero-interest loan from the MWRA.

 “I’d like to thank the MWRA for their continued cooperation with the Towns of Saugus and Lynnfield, and the entire delegation, for working together to complete this very important project,” said Senator Thomas McGee. “Their support has been essential to alleviating the ongoing problem along Route 1. I am confident that the conclusion of the Lynnfield/Saugus Pipelines project will eliminate the traffic delays and improve water quality and services for residents, commuters and local businesses in the area.”

“By completing the Route 1 Water Main Improvement Project, we have ensured that the towns of Saugus and Lynnfield, as well as the entire North Shore, will have the most up-to-date water infrastructure,” said Representative Donald Wong. “I commend all involved parties for their tireless advocacy and devotion to ensuring the completion of this important project.”

"The Route 1 project's completion is a huge accomplishment that will be extremely beneficial to the Town of Saugus and the entire North Shore region," said Representative Kathi-Anne Reinstein.  "Working together with Senator McGee, Representative Wong and Senator DiDomenico, we were able to secure state funding and utilize Patrick-Murray administration grant initiatives to finish these infrastructure upgrades at no expense to the surrounding communities.  The significant reduction in water main breaks will alleviate repair costs and associated travel disruptions while making this major stretch of highway safer and more attractive for future development."

Construction crews worked in the overnight hours and had travel lanes open by 5:00 am on this heavily traveled roadway. Although the contractor encountered some unforeseen conditions such as old underground utilities and rock and excess ledge, the work was completed on schedule.

“This was a difficult project, given the narrow roadway and numerous underground utilities. On top of that, the work had to be done at night,” said MWRA Executive Director Fred Laskey. “But in spite of these challenges, construction was completed on schedule and we can now provide better service to the Lynnfield Water District. Finally, working with Saugus to include a section of their water main in this project was a win-win.”

The project was designed by Fay, Spofford & Thorndike, LLC of Burlington. Work began in December 2010 under a contract awarded to Albanese Brothers, Inc. of Dracut. The total cost of the project was $6.3 million, which was shared between the MWRA (72%) and the Town of Saugus (28%).


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Posted December 10, 2012