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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
October 24, 2012

Jeff McLaughlin
MWRA Community Relations Manager for Arlington
(617) 660-7976,

Ria Convery
(617) 788-1105,

MWRA Contractor to Conduct Soil Boring
and Test Pit Work in Arlington

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) is planning to upgrade water transmission pipes in your area. As part of the design effort, MWRA has hired Green International Affiliates, Inc. and other firms to perform sub-surface exploration activities on/near existing pipelines or in areas where new water pipes could be constructed.

The soil boring and test pit activities involve blocking off a small area of the road with a truck and a boring rig, digging and drilling down to a depth of 15 to 35 feet and removing the soil samples.

At each location the work will take 4-5 hours. MWRA has 8 sites planned for Arlington. The locations are listed in the table below.

Proposed Test Probe Locations

Test Probe Proposed Location
P-501 Hillsdale Rd at Intersection with Spring St
P-502 Brunswick Rd approximately 60 feet south of Hillsdale Rd
P-516 Brunswick Rd approximately 375 feet north of Pleasant St
P-517 Off Road at Park Circle
P-518 Park Circle at Intersection with Park Ave
P-519 Robbins Rd at Intersection with Gray St
P-520 Robbins Rd approximately 15 feet northeast of Farmers Rd
P-521 Lexington St approximately 280 feet north of College Farm Rd/Near YMCA Driveway
P-511 Lexington St approximately 200 feet south of College Farm Rd
P-512 Robbins Rd approximately 40 feet northeast of Howard St

Work will begin the week of October 29, 2012 and occur between 9AM and 3PM, Monday through Friday. Construction Zone Safety Plans, including local police details in certain locations, will be provided for traffic control, and ensuring worker and general public safety in each area.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact:

Jeff McLaughlin
MWRA Community Relations Manager for Arlington
(617) 660-7976,


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Posted October 24, 2012