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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
August 30, 2012

Kevin McCluskey, Director Public Affairs
(617) 788-1112,

"Water Quality Awareness Program" Notice
Was Not Issued by MWRA or Customer Communities

MWRA has been notified by several customers who have received a notice entitled: A Public Notice: Water Quality Awareness Program.  As a result of possible confusion on the part of MWRA customers, MWRA has issued this advisory to inform its member communities and residents that the private company running this advertisement is not working on behalf of or in conjunction with the MWRA, and the advertisement has not been authorized by the MWRA or any of its partner communities. 

It is NOT an official governmental notice and the company is NOT acting in any official capacity.
In-home inspections of water samples in which results are made immediately available to a home owner or business do not and cannot ascertain “water quality.” Such testing and analysis must be performed by a Massachusetts certified testing laboratory.

MWRA and its partner communities perform extensive water testing by certified laboratories in all MWRA service communities on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis. The water delivered by MWRA meets all state and federal water quality criteria.

Please visit for all of our annual and monthly test results.  If you have any questions about water quality, please call our Water Quality Hotline at 617-242-5323.


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Posted August 30, 2012