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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
August 29, 2012

Kevin McCluskey, Director Public Affairs
(617) 788-1112,

MWRA to Temporarily Lower Reservoir Levels in Framingham

This week, MWRA plans to temporarily lower levels of the Framingham Reservoir #1, located along Route 9, to allow a contractor working for the Massachusetts Department of Transportation (Mass DOT) to safely obtain concrete core samples from an existing bridge over the Foss Reservoir Outlet. 

This work is required as part of the final design plans for a future MassDOT bridge rehabilitation project. MWRA Operations staff will work over the next week to slowly reduce the level in the reservoir by 5 feet. This procedure has been done before and will not harm the reservoir’s plants or wildlife. Neighbors should be advised that reduced water levels will reveal some mud flats.  

Once the MassDOT corings are completed (one or two days), MWRA will slowly restore the reservoir to normal levels.

For more information, please contact MWRA Public Affairs at (617) 788-1175.


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Posted August 29, 2012
Updated August 30, 2012