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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Updated June 19, 2012
Posted June 7, 2012

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MWRA Mails Annual Water Quality Report
Results Confirm Water Quality Is Excellent

Water Quality Test Results
MWRA Annual Water Quality Report for 2011
Links to EEA release PDF

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has begun mailing its Annual Water Quality Report to every household in its service area. The report provides an update to consumers on last year’s water quality test results.

The hundreds of thousands of tests taken during the year confirm that the quality of MWRA’s water is excellent. For 2011, MWRA met every federal and state drinking water standard.

“The report is essentially a nutrition label for your drinking water, and the news is good,” said MWRA Executive Director Fred Laskey. He added that the agency hopes customers will take a moment to read the report and learn more about the water system.

The report also includes important information on how to reduce the risk of lead in drinking water. Although the water itself is lead-free, lead can get into tap water through home plumbing and even some brass water fixtures. System-wide, the MWRA has been below the Lead Action Level for the past eight years. And tests have also shown that there are no traces of pharmaceuticals in the drinking water supplied by MWRA.

The report is required under the federal Safe Drinking Water Act. MWRA distributes the report to over 850,000 homes in 41 cities and towns. Community-specific inserts also provide information about municipal water systems. The reports are being mailed through the end of June. Look for it in your mailbox.

The report is also available on A Spanish-language report (PDF) for Metro Boston and MetroWest communities is now on-line. A large print version is available upon request.


Links to EEA release PDF

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Updated June 19, 2012
Posted June 7,2012