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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


Updated May 4, 2:15 AM


May 4, 2:15 AM Update

The WASM 3 main was isolated at 11 PM, the leak repair was complete by 12:30 AM and the main was returned to service at 1:40 AM. MWRA and communities' pressures remained normal throughout the repair and continue to remain normal. No complaints have been received.

The water remains safe to drink. Communities may experience discolored water throughout the day Wed 5/4, and residents are advised to avoid doing light colored laundry.

The MWRA Emergency Operations Center is closed as of 2:30 AM. If you have any comments or complaints, contact the MWRA OCC at 617-305-5950.


May 3, 10:00 PM

A paving contractor working for Waltham damaged an air valve on the MWRA WASM3 main in Waltham today.  While there have been no immediate service impacts, the repair must be made overnight tonight (into Wednesday May 4).  

Repair will require a shutdown of a portion of the water main affecting a number of communities.  Potential impacts include discolored water and lower pressure during the shutdown.

The water remains safe to drink.  

MWRA has opened our Emergency Operations Center (EOC), and contacted water department and elected officials in affected communities.  Communities contacted include Winchester, Waltham, Watertown, Belmont, Arlington, Medford, Somerville, Fernald School, Bedford and Lexington.

The shutdown will isolate a number of meters feeding the affected communities.  MWRA has developed a detailed shut down plan, and reviewed service options with each community.  It appears that all communities can be served via tank storage (MWRA or local) or back feeding from the
system (MWRA or local).

We are currently targeting the shutdown to begin at around 11 PM, and anticipate that it will take several hours to shut down, make the repair and return to normal service.  Service is expected to be returned to normal by 4 AM.

Residents are advised to reduce water use during this time. Communities may experience discolored water, and residents are advised to avoid doing light colored laundry.


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Updated May 4, 2011 9:20 AM

Posted May 3, 2011 10:00 PM