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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
Updated April 2, 2011
Posted August 25, 2011

Tom Lindberg, MWRA Public Affairs
(617) 660-7974,

Ria Convery
(617) 788-1105,

MWRA to Begin Work on Project to Provide
Emergency Back­up Water Service to Reading


mwra paving crew

Paving crew 12/23/11

map of controlled blasting areas
Map of Controlled Blasting Areas
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reading stoneham project map
Project Map
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Public Meetings
Public Meeting in Reading on 09/26/11
Public Meeting in Stoneham on 09/28/11

Update April 2, 2012 -- The contractor has returned to complete site restoration. Paving will occur during nighttime hours, while sidewalk work takes place during the day.

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About Northern Intermediate High, Stoneham-Reading Connection Project

In September 2011, MWRA’s contractor, Albanese D&S of Dracut, Massachusetts, will begin work to install 2,200 linear feet of 36-inch diameter water main in Reading. Work will start at South Street and continue under Route 128 along Main Street to the intersection of North Street in Stoneham. Most work will be complete by December 2012.

The new pipeline, which will connect Reading’s water system and that of Stoneham, will provide back-up water service to Reading in case of an emergency.  

The back-up water main is being installed in preparation for an upcoming MWRA pipeline project to improve water service for Stoneham, Reading, Woburn, Wakefield, Wilmington and Winchester.

Traffic Impacts

Pipe installation will take place on the southbound side of Main Street/Route 28. Because this is a very busy roadway, most of the work will be performed during nighttime hours (9PM – 5AM), as required by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation, which has jurisdiction over this section of the roadway.  Additional allowable daytime work will occur between the hours of 10AM and 3PM. Traffic detours, signage and police details will be in place so that the traveling public will be able to get around the construction site safely. Access for all local residences and businesses will be maintained.


Subsurface investigations show that that controlled rock blasting and minimal mechanical rock removal will likely be necessary; therefore, all structures within 500 feet of a rock removal area will receive a pre-blast survey. 

Upcoming Meetings

MWRA will meet with municipal officials in Stoneham and Reading to confirm the details and schedule of this important project. A public meeting will then be held to describe the scope and schedule of the work, including the sequence of traffic detours and the blasting and safety protocol required before construction commences.

For more information about the project please contact: Tom Lindberg/ MWRA at 617.660.7974 or by email:


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Updated April 2, 2012

Posted August 25, 2011