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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
August 19, 2011

Ria Convery, Communications Director
(617) 788-1105, <>

MWRA Advisory Board Field Trip

The MWRA Advisory Board  held its annual field trip on August 18, 2011 aboard the Frederick L. Nolan on Boston Harbor. The Boston Harbor Association’s Vivien Li led an informative tour pointing out all of the improvements around Boston Harbor over the last 25 years. The tour was followed by lunch at Spectacle Island and a demonstration of MWRA’s water sampling boat, and ended with a tour of the Deer Island Treatment Plant. The tour was made up of local elected officials and water and sewer superintendents from MWRA’s member communities.

MWRA Advisory Board Tour
MWRA Advisory Board tour leaving Deer Island
More photos on MWRA's Flickr photostream


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Posted August 19, 2011