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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
July 12, 2010

Ria Convery, Communications Director
(617) 788-1105, <>

MWRA Water System Improvement Work to Begin in Waltham

map of project work in waltham
Project Map
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MWRA is in the process of rehabilitating the Hultman Aqueduct and replacing older valves in Weston that currently serve the City of Waltham. The existing MWRA water transmission system supplies the City of Waltham with high quality, fully treated drinking water from the Quabbin/Wachusett Watershed in central Massachusetts.

Before some critical older valves in the Town of Weston can be safely replaced, MWRA and its contractor, Barletta Heavy Division (BHD), will need to do some work in the City of Waltham this summer and fall. The construction of five small Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) chambers will allow MWRA to continue to supply water to all the businesses and residents in the City of Waltham through different pressure zones in the MWRA system.

MWRA/BHD, in cooperation with the City of Waltham will be improving the City of Waltham’s water system by replacing two old pressure reducing valve chambers and installing three new PRVs in Waltham. (See attached map for location of all five PRVs) The five new PRVs will allow MWRA to safely supply water to Waltham from different pressure gradients. Pressure reducing valves are located in small underground concrete chambers and take drinking water that is delivered at one pressure and reduce it to the appropriate pressure level to supply different parts of the City of Waltham.

The five PRV chambers to be constructed by MWRA’s contractor this summer are located at:
1. Prospect Hill Road at Lunda Street
2. South Street near Cedar Hill Pump Station
3. Trapelo Road at Manning Road
4. Bacon Street near Dale Street
5. Lexington Street at Beaver Street.

By early fall MWRA will be conducting a flushing and testing program so that the new water delivery system will be in place to allow MWRA to replace valves serving Waltham in Weston.

All construction activities work will take place in the public right of way or property owned by the City of Waltham. Each construction location is limited in size and in all cases located to one side of the road or off road. MWRA has worked cooperatively with the City of Waltham to develop the appropriate traffic safety plans to insure that the PRV work can be completed safely and with a minimum distribution to abutters.

If you have any questions or concerns about the project, please contact MWRA at (617) 788-1175.


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Updated July 12, 2010