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October 24, 2008

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The Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA) has honored the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority with its top utility management award - the Platinum Award for Utility Excellence.  The award recognizes outstanding achievement in implementing the nationally recognized Attributes of Effectively Managed Utilities.

“AMWA’s 2008 award winning water agencies are industry pace-setters, systems where management vision and employee commitment create sustainable utilities producing ample supplies of clean, safe water for their communities,” said AMWA President Brian Ramaley.  “These systems have implemented a full range of successful initiatives that address all of the industry-recognized attributes of effectively managed utilities.”

The Attributes of Effectively Managed Utilities were developed by a blue-ribbon panel of water and wastewater utility executives, commissioned by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, AMWA and other water industry associations.  The attributes they identified include: product quality, customer satisfaction, employee and leadership development, operational optimization, financial viability, infrastructure stability, operational resiliency, community sustainability, water resource adequacy, and stakeholder understanding and support.

AMWA noted MWRA for its master planning, successful water conservation programs, and efforts to address water needs in communities surrounding the MWRA system. Other highlights included staff reductions gained from efficiency improvements and benchmarking with peer organizations, extensive reporting on drinking water quality, and upgrades to MWRA’s bond ratings.

MWRA has used an extensive process of goal setting, measurement, reporting, review and feedback at the water quality process and maintenance level as a way of developing a culture focused on product quality, and regularly adjusts its expectations for water quality based on input from customers. 

MWRA provides wholesale water and sewer services to 2.5 million people and more than 5,500 large industrial users in 61 communities in eastern and central Massachusetts.


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Updated October 24, 2008