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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
PRESS RELEASE - For Immediate Release
August 29, 2006
CONTACT: Ria Convery, Communications Director
(617) 788-1105, <>


Judge Richard G. Stearns Tours MWRA Wastewater Treatment Facilities

Stearns photo at Columbus Park Headworks

U.S. District Court Judge Richard G. Stearns with MWRA Construction Coordinator Eleanor Duffy inside the Union Park CSO Treatment Facility, in Boston's South End.

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On Tuesday, August 29, 2006, U.S. District Judge Richard G. Stearns visited several MWRA sewer treatment sites in Boston and Cambridge.

MWRA construction managers and operations staff led tours of CSO Control Project sites at North Dorchester Bay, the Reserved Channel and Union Park. These projects are designed to protect swimming beaches, shell fishing beds and other sensitive waters from overflows due to heavy rains.

Judge Stearns also visited active wastewater facilities, including the Columbus Park Headworks; and CSO control facilities at Prison Point and Cottage Farm.

The judge was accompanied by Executive Director Frederick Laskey, Chief Operating Officer Michael Hornbrook and Deputy Chief Operating Officer Charles Button.

Site of recently completed Pleasure Bay Sewer Separation Project
adjacent to Conley Terminal, South Boston

tour photo 1

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(L-R): Charles Button, Deputy Chief Operating Officer, Kenneth Chin, Sr. Construction Manager, Judge Stearns, Michael Hornbrook, Chief Operating Officer and Frank DePaola, Director, Construction

tour photo 2

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tour photo 3

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tour photo 4

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(L-R): Becca Tyler, Law Clerk; Frank DePaola, Director, Construction; Judge Stearns;
Charles Button, Deputy Chief Operating Officer; Frederick Laskey, Executive Director;
Michael Hornbrook, Chief Operating Officer

Columbus Park Headworks, South Boston

tour photo 5

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Judge Stearns with Leon Haywood, Plumber/Pipefitter

tour photo 6

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Alan Hanscombe, Operator

tour photo 7

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With Jim McMahon, Headworks Operator

Union Park CSO Treatment Facility, in Boston's South End


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With Eleanor Duffy, Construction Coordinator

tour photo 8

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Programmable Logic Control Center at Prison Point Treatment Facility, Boston

tour photo 12

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With Operators Steve Lawrence and Tom Rosado

tour photo 11

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