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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority
For Immediate Release
June 9, 2006

Ria Convery , Communications Director
(617) 788-1105, <>

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Cover of water report - 2005 results

> 2005 report (published June, 2006)
> Report Archive (1998-2005 data)

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has begun mailing its Annual Water Quality Report to every household in the service area. The report, required by the federal Safe Drinking Water Act, updates consumers on last year’s water quality results.

MWRA takes up to 500 samples each week and, of the 120 possible contaminants tested for, MWRA met every standard. In addition, the MWRA system as a whole was below the Lead Action Level. With the start-up of the new, state-of-the-art John J. Carroll Water Treatment Plant in July 2005, water quality is better than ever. MWRA now uses ozone gas - a powerful disinfectant - that provides better disinfection without the by-products of chlorine. According to executive director Frederick A. Laskey, “The new treatment plant ensures strong protection against microbes and viruses, and improved clarity and taste and odor controls. We are pleased that people have noticed the improved taste since the plant came on-line.”

The completion of the new treatment plant is the crowning achievement in a decade of improvements to the region’s great water system which will ensure safe and reliable service to MWRA customers for generations to come.

The report also includes tips on how to reduce the risk of lead exposure in your home. Community-specific inserts also provide information about municipal water systems.

MWRA distributes the report through bulk mail to over 900,000 homes in 39 cities and towns. Look for it in your mailbox. The report is also available on-line at A Spanish version will also be available soon.