For Immediate Release
Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


November 29 , 2005


Jeffrey McLaughlin, MWRA Community Coordinator
(617) 788-1170, <>


Spot Pond Supply Mains Rehabilitation Project


MWRA Water Main Rehabilitation
Walnut Street Detour, Somerville, Mass.
MWRA Water Main Rehabilitation  Walnut Street Detour, Somerville, Mass. MAP

MWRA is continuing to rehabilitate its 100-year-old, 48-inch pipelines in Somerville this winter. Work will be take place from December 2005 through March 2006 at various locations, including Walnut Street, Pearl Street, Broadway and Fellsway West.

Please be advised that a temporary detour is required on Walnut Street between Pearl Street and Broadway. Walnut Street will be closed during construction hours (7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.).  This detour is necessary in order replace of a valve just south of Sunnyside.

MWRA has coordinated with the city on restoration of all areas disturbed by the work.

The rehabilitation work includes scraping rust deposits from the interior wall of the pipe between access pits and lining the pipe with cement mortar to protect it from further corrosion that can impair water quality. 

This work is important to all communities receiving water from MWRA, including Somerville, as it will provide a safe, reliable, and well maintained water distribution system.

MWRA’s contact person for the work is Jeff McLaughlin at 617-788-1170.


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