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John J. Carroll recognized for his dedicated public service

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Read Boston Globe article August 20,2005, courtesy Boston Globe


MWRA has named its new ozone water treatment plant after John J. Carroll, the only original member of the MWRA Board of Directors, appointed in 1985 as a representative of the MWRA Advisory Board and still serving today as its Vice Chairman.

Hundreds of Mr. Carroll's family members, friends and colleagues attended the August 18 ceremony, held on the grounds of the plant, located in Marlborough.

The event's speakers included Secretary of Environmental Affairs Chairman and MWRA Board of Directors Chairman Stephen R. Pritchard; Federal District Court Judge Hon. Richard G. Stearns; City of Marlborough Mayor Dennis Hunt; Milton Board of Selectmen Chairman Charles McCarthy; Washington State Secretary of Transportation and former MWRA Director Douglas B. MacDonald; WSCAC Chair Eileen Simonson; MWRA Advisory Board Chair Katherine Haynes Dunphy; Former Governor Michael J. Dukakis; MWRA Board member Joseph C. Foti. MWRA Executive Director Frederick A. Laskey served as the day's Master of Ceremonies.

Mr. Carroll, a Milton resident, has dedicated his career to public service, as the Commissioner of Public Works for the Commonwealth, as the Lexington Superintendent of Public Works and Town Engineer, and as the Norwood Town Manager for the past 26 years.

When the new plant went live on July 27, 2005, Mr. Carroll took the controls to officially launch ozonated water into the MetroWest Water Supply Tunnel for distribution to the greater Boston area.


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