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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Date: May 18, 2005

Contact: Ria Convery, (617) 788-1105, <>


No Wastewater Treatment Plants Discharge into MWRA's Water Supplies

You may have seen an editorial in today’s Boston Globe entitled “Don't Drink the Sewage.”   Don't worry.  If you drink MWRA water you aren't.

There are NO wastewater treatment plants discharging into our water supplies. Based on our sampling, treatment and system improvements, MWRA water customers do not have to worry about pathogens from wastewater. 

MWRA and the DCR protect and patrol the watersheds to control any potentially harmful activities on the lands surrounding our reservoirs.  MWRA conducts tens of thousands of tests of the water for over 120 different regulated contaminants, and finds only a very few of them, and all of those few are well below health concern levels set by state and federal regulators.  MWRA provides treatment that meets all state and federal standards, and by July will start up a new state of the art treatment plant using more powerful disinfection with ozone.

MWRA and your local water supplier will be mailing out our annual water quality report in mid June.  Look for more information on the high quality water we deliver in your mailbox, or review last years’ report by clicking here.