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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Date: December 16 , 2004


Chemicals Cited in Boston Globe Story Not Found in MWRA Water

An article in today’s Boston Globe entitled “Report Cites Trace Chemicals in Water” describes how three chemicals not currently regulated by the Federal Safe Drinking Water Act (percholate, MtBE and DCPA) have been found in some Massachusetts water supplies.

Water supplied by the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority does not contain even trace amounts of these contaminants. MWRA's water sources are the high-quality Quabbin and Wachusett Reservoirs.

MWRA conducts very extensive testing of drinking water, from the reservoirs all the way through community distribution systems, to assure that drinking water is safe. MWRA publishes detailed monthly and annual reports on the results of these tests.

MWRA serves 47 Massachusetts communities.