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April 3, 2003


Beginning in April, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority will begin construction work in East Boston to rehabilitation a 109 year-old sewer line.

The East Boston Branch Sewer Relief project includes the rehabilitation of 5,341 feet of an existing 36-inch by 42-inch main trunk sewer by a cured-in-place lining method. This 1894 sewer line conveys flows from East Boston to the Caruso Pump Station before transfer out to the Deer Island Wastewater Treatment Plant.

Rehabilitation of this sewer line is one part of MWRA’s continuing work in East Boston to upgrade aging regional sewer lines, improve system capacity, and minimize combined sewer overflows into Boston Harbor and Chelsea Creek. Work in East Boston is one component of a joint effort of MWRA and the Boston Water & Sewer Commission to control combined sewer overflows as required by a federal court order in the Boston Harbor case.

During the course of the project, from April to next winter, there will be some construction work at the following East Boston locations

Chelsea Street from the Chelsea Street Bridge to Prescott Street

Bremen Street from Prescott Street to Porter Street

Construction work will be limited to several access pits built in the street to allow equipment and workers to get access to the sewer line.

MWRA’s construction contractor on this $5.14 million project is D’Allasandro Corp. of Avon, Massachusetts. For more information on the meeting or the project, call Jeff McLaughlin at MWRA Public Affairs: 617-788-1170.