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December 7, 2001


MWRA Approves Water System Repair Financing for Quincy
The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority has approved $3,167,120 in financing for Quincy to replace 5.2 miles of local water pipeline.

"This work on the Quincy water system helps water quality and system reliability by relining or replacing aging cast-iron pipeline," said Water Commissioner David Colton. "MWRA is making large improvements in the regional system over the next few years and we are working to keep the Quincy water system in good shape as well."

The Quincy finance deal results from MWRA’s Local Pipeline Assistance Program, which provides no-interest loans for specified water projects to secure water quality. The MWRA’s $25 million annual program is allocated to 40 water system communities based on system needs.

"The program is designed to further the partnership between MWRA and the communities in bringing high quality drinking water from the source to the customer’s tap," said Frederick A. Laskey, MWRA Executive Director. "Providing technical and financing assistance to local water and sewer departments is a key part of this partnership."

Construction work will be conducted through Fall of 2002 on Bay Street, Bayberry Road, Bayside Road, Bellevue Road, Brunswick Street, Gladstone Street, Hancock Street, Harbor View Street, Huckins Avenue, Middlesex Street, Monmouth Street, Orchard Street, Shoreham Street, SumacRoad, Sycamore Road, Trevore Street, Vassall Street, Wedgewood Street, Albertini Street, Centre Street, Columbia Street, Intervale Street, Rodman Street, Suomi Road, Taber Street, and Trafford Street.

Rehabilitation of the larger MWRA pipes and smaller community pipelines is a key component of MWRA’s Integrated Water Supply Improvement Program, a 10-year effort to strengthen the regional water system from reservoir to the customer’s tap. It includes watershed protection projects, a new water treatment plant, the MetroWest Water Supply Tunnel, several covered storage tanks, and water distribution system projects.