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May 9, 2001


On May 14 the MWRA will begin installing test pits along MWRA pipelines in parts of Quincy, Milton and Boston to assess the condition of pipelines as part of the Southern Spine Water Distribution Mains Rehabilitation Project.

This project is in the preliminary design phase with actual construction not expected to begin until sometime in 2004.

The areas that will be affected are as follows:

Quincy: Hope Avenue to Amsterdam Road, Alvin Avenue, Milton Street, Forbes Hill Road, Furnace Brook Parkway to Chickataubut Road, to the Blue Hills Reservoir.

Milton: along Adams Street from Lower Mills to Beale Street.

Boston: Washington Street to Adams Street, Sanford Street to Adams Street to Lower Mills in Dorchester.

Until this fieldwork is complete and the condition of the pipes is assessed, the extent of construction necessary and the impacts on the neighborhoods are unknown. Essentially, the goal of the project is to assess which of the 60-80 year old pipes along these routes need to be either rehabilitated or replaced.

MWRA is aware of the importance of coordinating our projects with other public projects, such as Mass Highway Department’s Adams Street Bridge Reconstruction. We have also coordinated this work with the public works departments in all three cities. The work should last approximately six weeks and isn’t expected to seriously impact traffic.

The MWRA also understands the importance of keeping the public informed, and will likely begin meeting with the towns and the public this summer.

For further information call Michele Gillen in the MWRA’s public affairs department at 617-788-1191.