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April 23, 2001

MWRA Releases Construction Schedule for Hyde Park, Roslindale, and West Roxbury’s Water Pipeline Rehabilitation Project

MWRA today announced that construction work will begin at the end of April or early May, to rehabilitate old water pipelines in Hyde Park, Roslindale and West Roxbury. In its effort to keep the residents of these areas informed about the project, the MWRA has produced a tentative schedule of construction events in the area.Residents can expect construction work in the areas listed below, at the listed times. All dates are tentative estimations.

April 29 – Section 41, Grew Avenue, adjacent to the railroad tracks. End June, 2001.
June 3 – Section 41, Grew Avenue, to Mansur Street, north to Metropolitan Avenue ending at the intersection of Metropolitan Avenue and Poplar Street.
July 22 – Section 74 – Intersection of Washington Street and Cornell Street, to the intersection of Cornell Street and Roslindale Avenue. End August 5, 2001.
August 7 – Section 41 – Grew Avenue to Mansur Street up to Metropolitan Avenue, to Burley Street, to Dale Street ending at intersection of Dale and Poplar. End October 1, 2001.
August 5 – Section 41 – Starting at Dale Street, west on Poplar Street to Beech Street, north on Beech across Washington Street to Nikisch Avenue across West Roxbury Parkway to the Bellevue Hill town tanks. End September 23, 2001.

Most of the work includes installing new 24" ductile iron water mains to replace 84-year-old cast iron mains that are inadequate to handle high water pressures and can cause water quality problems. Large valves that are no longer operable will be replaced as well.

Please be advised that prior to performing the replacement work, contractors will be excavating test pits to locate utilities on the corners of Grew Avenue and Mansur Street, Metropolitan Avenue and Poplar Street, Washington Street and Cornell Street, Roslindale Avenue and Cornell Street and Nikisch Avenue and West Roxbury Parkway.

The water pipelines included in this project are components of the MWRA’s Southern Extra High Service Area which serves portions of Boston, Brookline, Canton, Milton, Newton, Norwood and West Roxbury. The pipelines feed water from the Hyde Park Pump Station to higher elevations and the Bellevue Storage Tanks on Bellevue Hill.

"MWRA’s staff will work with the contractor to minimize impacts to the public as a result of this work," said Jeff McLaughlin, MWRA’s Community Relations Coordinator. "This project will not interrupt water supply, and construction will be organized to accommodate neighborhood traffic patterns, school schedules and community events. MWRA will work with local public officials and businesses, other utilities, police, and neighborhood associations to complete the project safely and efficiently."

A public meeting will be held to discuss the project at 7 p.m. Tuesday, May 8 in the Sacred Heart School cafeteria at 1035 Canterbury Street, in Roslindale.