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February 14, 2001

Cupid hits his mark as MWRA and Weymouth strike a mitigation deal on sewer project

The MWRA’s Board of Directors approved a mitigation package for the town of Weymouth Wednesday, which totaled $816,065 for the construction and long-term impacts of the MWRA’s Braintree-Weymouth Relief Facilities Project.

MWRA Executive Director Douglas B. MacDonald said, "We’ve been having a very successful relationship with Weymouth. Mayor Madden came to the table with a real working knowledge of the project as well as its possible disruptions, and it’s made this one of the most pleasant partnerships we’ve had. We’re looking forward to continuing that process."

Mayor David Madden said, "I’m very pleased with this agreement. It includes measures that will significantly reduce the impacts of this construction project on the North Weymouth and Idlewell neighborhoods and assures that many of the concerns raised by nearby neighbors are adequately addressed."

The agreement allows MWRA to ship tunnel muck from the construction site using trucks instead of barges, saving MWRA a significant amount of money, $350,000 of which they will give to Weymouth. Another $200,000 is for roadway improvements on the town-owned portion of the MWRA truck route. The MWRA will also put $46,000 into a dynamic computer model of the town’s sewer system, and $25,000 towards a Technical Assistance Grant to undertake a Fore River water quality analysis.

In an effort to control the construction impacts on neighbors, MWRA has instructed its contractors to meet strict noise limits and to control dust.

Overall, MWRA’s Braintree-Weymouth Relief Facilities Project includes two new sewer pump stations, a new multi-use deep rock tunnel, as well as pipe rehabilitation and replacements. The goal of the project is to enable the sewerage system to work as effectively as possible, while also adding 19-million gallons of additional sewage capacity to sewer lines serving Braintree, Holbrook, Randolph and parts of Weymouth. This is expected to deliver relief from local sewer back-ups and overflows in Weymouth Landing, Smelt Brook, and Idlewell section of Weymouth. The construction should be complete by Summer 2005.

Rep. Ron Mariano (D-Quincy) said, "I am pleased that the Town of Weymouth and the MWRA were able to negotiate a mutually beneficial mitigation package. This agreement will ensure that this important project continues to move forward as we relieve the sewerage back-ups that have plagued Weymouth residents for so long."

Improvements for the system, including the new pump station, have been in planning for many years with the support of many local officials, businesses, environmental and civic groups.