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June 26, 2000


The Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority recently appointed Michael J. Hornbrook of Milton as its first Chief Operating Officer.

Mr. Hornbrook's new position creates a unified reporting relationship for all of the MWRA's sewerage and waterworks planning, engineering, construction and operations activities. The new organizational format will focus responsibility for improving efficiency and controlling costs in sewerage and waterworks operations that were previously managed separately. MWRA Executive Director Doug MacDonald said "Mike has won respect inside the MWRA for his engineering skills, his diligence and personal skills. Those are just the right qualities for taking on new leadership responsibilities as the MWRA enters into a very exciting period of organizational realignment and strengthening."

An engineer, Mr. Hornbrook has been with the MWRA in a number of capacities since 1989, most recently as Director of Sewerage Facilities Development. He has managed the Infiltration and Inflow, Combined Sewer Overflow and Wastewater Planning programs. Previously, he served with the Department of Environmental Protection between 1980 and 1989.