For Immediate Release: December 28, 1999

MWRA Y2K Preparation and Emergency Water for Your Home

The MWRA's Y2K Program has been comprehensive. All systems have been checked, additional generators have been purchased for water and wastewater pumping facilities, and contingency plans are in place. The water MWRA provides to its 2.6 million customers is delivered primarily via gravity. Where pumping is required, backup generators will be used in the unlikely event that power is lost. As a result, MWRA is confident that there will be no loss of services due to Y2K problems. The MWRA does, however, subscribe to the recommendations of both the Commonwealth's "Massachusetts Y2K Be Wise" and American Red Cross Y2K programs. These public service sites encourage people not to stockpile food and water out of panic, but instead keep some extra on hand as ordinary precaution as they normally would preparing for any long, winter stormy weekend.