For Immediate Release: September 23, 1999

The Best Drinking Water On The Market Is Also The Cheapest, And It Flows Right From The Tap

Why spend hard earned dollars for bottled drinking water when you can get clean and abundant water from the tap for pennies a day. Put down those plastic bottles and turn on the faucet.

The Massachusetts Water Resources Authority wants consumers to know about the high quality of the water they draw from the tap. Over the next few weeks, every household in each of the cities and towns in the MWRA service area will receive the "Report to Consumers on Your Drinking Water."

This is the first of the annual Consumer Confidence Report that Congress has mandated in the Safe Drinking Water Act, because consumers have a right to know.

MWRA couldn’t agree more on the importance of water quality information reaching every member of the public. The eight page report contains information from MWRA and local water departments that explains where the water comes from, why it is safe, and what steps MWRA and local water departments are taking to make sure it stays that way.

"Keeping consumers informed of what MWRA is doing to ensure their drinking water is safe and of the highest quality, has always been a priority," said MWRA Executive Director Douglas B. MacDonald. "The data in the report is based on the constant testing — hundreds of samples each week for some parameters — that we routinely perform on the water in the reservoirs and in the pipes."

The testing results for MWRA water are truly excellent and many of the improvements made by MWRA to the water supply system are clearly demonstrated. At the same time, the report very carefully describes how people with special health needs should manage their concerns over water, just as they would over food or any other consumables. It also reminds people who live in older houses with lead in the plumbing system, of the precautions they should take to be safe and sure. 

"We hope the information contained in this report will allow consumers to feel confident that the water they drink, cook with and bath in every day is safe," MacDonald said.

Copies of all of these reports may be obtained by calling your local water department or calling MWRA at (617) 242-5323. You can also see the report on-line at:

Report To Consumers On Your Drinking Water


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