For Immediate Release: May 13, 1999
Contact: David Gilmartin, Public Affairs, 617-788-1183,

Thank You Dolores Cordell Wherever You Are

So far as we know, Dolores Cordell of San Francisco is not related to anyone here at the MWRA. So we thought we might as well thank her for her wonderful compliment paid in today's Boston Globe Letters to the Editor section.

"I suppose you don't usually get letters about the water in Boston, but since I consider myself a 'water connoisseur,' I wanted to commend the city on its excellent water. I spent several days in Boston recently and the taste and quality of the water was far beyond what I have experienced in other big cities. I hope that the citizens of Boston appreciate whoever handles its water, because they are obviously doing a bang-up job!"

Dolores Cordell
San Francisco

Thanks, Dolores.