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December 16, 2016

March 10, 2016


Len Cawley
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Update for MWRA Hatchery Pipeline and Hydroelectric Project
(MWRA Contract 7235)

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About this Project:

In March 2016, the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority will begin construction of the Hatchery Pipeline Project, a 20-inch, water pipeline running from the MWRA’s William A. Brutsch Water Treatment Facility in Ware, across Route 9, into Belchertown, where the pipeline will parallel East Street, to the McLaughlin Fish Hatchery.

The pipeline, less than a mile in length, will convey about six million gallons a day of untreated water, first to a new hydropower generator on the MWRA’s grounds and then to the hatchery’s water distribution system.

Currently, the hatchery predominantly uses water pumped directly from the Swift River for its operations.  The water from the river may be warm, particularly in the summer, and this can be detrimental to the hatchery’s operations.  The water in the pipeline will replace the use of river water, and will also flow by gravity eliminating the energy used to pump water from the river.  This will reduce the hatchery’s electrical demand by an estimated 588,000 kWh annually. Ultimately, after circulating through the hatchery’s raceways and treatment, the roughly six million gallons of water each day will be discharged into the Swift River.

Because of the multiple environmental and operational benefits of this project, the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wildlife and the Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game have joined the MWRA in sponsoring this project. The hydropower component, which is projected to export 440,000 kWh to the grid, has attracted two separate grants, one from the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center, and the other from the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs.  

MWRA has contracted with Waterline Industries Corporation to build the pipeline and hydroelectric project.  Traffic will be directed through the work site by State and Local police.  There are no detours anticipated although motorists may experience brief delays, particularly when work is being done on the bridge over the Swift River.

For more information, please contact Len Cawley at 617 305-5757 or

Project Updates

Pipeline Work Complete, Construction of Hydropower Generator Building Underway

The construction of the pipeline running from the William A. Brutsch Water Treatment Facility in Ware to the McLaughlin Fish Hatchery in Belchertown has been completed. The pipeline construction included approximately 4,400 linear feet of 20-inch pipe, a live tap of the Chicopee Valley Aqueduct, and a bridge crossing at the Swift River. The pipeline is scheduled to be put into service on Thursday, December 22. In addition, construction of the building for the Hydropower Generator is well underway and the Hydropower Generator has been delivered to the site. The project remains on schedule.

For further information, please contact MWRA’s Len Cawley at (617) 305-5757.

Work to Begin along Route 9

Beginning Monday, September 19, contractors working for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA) will begin work along Route 9 near the bridge that spans the Swift River between Belchertown and Ware. The work will last about two months and traffic will be controlled by details from the local police. Every effort will be made to maintain two way traffic over the bridge while this project is underway.

For further information, please contact MWRA’s Len Cawley at (617) 305-5757.


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Updated: December 16, 2016
Original Post: March 10, 2016