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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


October 2, 2020


Jeffrey McLaughlin
(617) 305-5762,

Update for Nut Island Headworks Odor Control and HVAC Improvements Project (Contract 7548)

Exterior view of Odor Control roof and site

About this Project:

The Nut Island Headworks Odor Control and HVAC Systems Improvements project involves an extensive rehabilitation of the facility that will ensure that Nut Island continues to work as designed.  Odor Control facility access, fuel tank replacement and other appurtenances will be rehabilitated.  This project will take approximately 36 months to complete.  Walsh Construction will be performing this work in phases Monday through Friday between the hours of 7AM-3PM.
The first phase of work will begin on Tuesday, April 21, 2020.  The work involves the installation of erosion controls (silt fencing and straw waddles), catch basin inlet protection, tree protection, temporary chain link fence and concrete barriers delineating work zones.  The initial work will be followed by establishing a temporary construction laydown area.  Once these activities are complete, the next phase of work will begin in May at the Nut Island facility.

Public Access Plan

Public Access paths will remain open during construction.  Please obey all posted signage on site.

Exterior sluice gate area

MWRA Contact:

If you have any questions please email Jeff McLaughlin or call (617) 305-5762.

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October 2, 2020

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erosion control

Odor Control Roof with removable covers for equipment access to wet scrubbers and CAD-1

pre drilling

Temporary waterproofing at removable concrete planks on Odor Control Roof

RCP drain

Ductwork and heat exchanger below removable roof planks that will be demolished in Odor Control Room

hoe ramming rock

Demolition of existing wet scrubber recirculation pumps

tree removal

Electrical conduits installed in the Odor Cnontrol Room to power new equipment

June 16, 2020

erosion control

Contractor establishing work zone with concrete barriers, fences and screens at the Odor Control Roof

pre drilling

Contractor removing soil from Odor Control Roof

RCP drain

Location of new odor control fan that will replace the fan that was damaged in the 2016 fire.

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April 22, 2020

Project updates will be posted throughout the period of construction.

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