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March 10, 2017

August 16, 2016


Jeffrey McLaughlin
(617) 305-5762,

Update for MWRA Alewife Brook Pump Station
Rehabilitation Project
(MWRA Contract 6797)

MWRA's Alewife Brook Pump Station in Somerville was constructed in 1951
and serves portions of Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Medford and Somerville.


About this Project:

The Alewife Brook Pump Station Rehabilitation Project (MWRA Contract 6797) will improve the operating capacity and reliability of a sewer station that pumps wastewater flows from Arlington, Belmont, Cambridge, Medford and Somerville through the North Metropolitan and North Metropolitan Relief Sewers toward the Deer Island Treatment Plant.

A First in Climate Change Resilience:

The rehabilitation of the Alewife Brook Pump Station is the first MWRA project to incorporate new measures to protect equipment and facilities from the affects of potential climate change. This project is important step in MWRA's long-term efforts to protect the sewer system's overall ability to operate during wet weather events and to recover from them.

The Alewife Brook Sewer Rehabilitation Project will provide flood
protection for a potential 2.5-foot surge above the 100-year flood elevation.

Work in Somerville:

Under MWRA Contract 6797, MWRA's contractor, Barletta Engineering Corporation, will make major operational and structural improvements to the Alewife Brook Pump Station.

Existing sewer pumps, original to the 1951 station, no longer operate with as-designed efficiency. They will be replaced by two, higher-capacity wet-weather pumps and a dry-weather pump, with a third wet-weather pump available for standby use.

Other operational improvements include the replacement of motors, gear drives, controls, screens, sluice gates and generators.

The Alewife Brook Pump station's HVAC systems, paint, roofing and insulation will also be updated and new flow meter will be installed on the Alewife Brook Conduit.

MWRA Contact:

If you have any questions please email Jeff McLaughlin or call (617) 305-5762.

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March 10, 2017

In order to complete new exterior and interior renovations to the Alewife Brook Pumping Station, it is necessary to ‘by-pass’ the pump station for a period of a year. This is accomplished with pumps and piping outside the building to reroute flows while maintaining normal pumping and flow capacity for the residents of Somerville, Cambridge and Arlington.

Design, preparation and contingency planning for this process are complete and mobilization of the pumps and installation of the ‘by-pass’ has begun. It is currently anticipated that the bypass system will be operation by the end of March 2017.

August 16, 2017

Work began in August, 2016.

If you have any questions please email Jeff McLaughlin or call (617) 305-5762.

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