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Massachusetts Water Resources Authority


July 30, 2019


Jeffrey McLaughlin, (617) 305-5762

Massachusetts Department of Fish and Game
Public Access Fishing Pier at Deer Island

image of location

Location for the Deer Island Fishing Pier.
The Contractor will remove the top layer of grass and rip-rap (or stone) to make room for a
concrete stab that will connect the Fishing Pier to the existing public access path.
The concrete slab will be supported by concrete pilings.

About this Project:

As of July 2019, the construction of a Fishing Pier at Deer Island has begun and is expected to be completed and accessible to the public in 2020. With the support of the MWRA, the Department of Fish and Game is constructing the pier to promote and improve programs and opportunities for saltwater fishing with the intent that those programs will increase public access to marine recreational facilities. MWRA maintains a similar fishing pier as part of the public access area at the Nut Island Headworks in Quincy and has found it to be well used and appreciated by the community.

The pier is being constructed on the northwestern section of the public access area of the island not far from the Mazzone Memorial, jutting out from the island in a southerly direction. Construction is in progress and the main access road will not be impacted, as there will always be at least one full traffic lane open at all times over the next several months. When access restrictions are in place, a police detail will assist in the traffic pattern. Signage has been posted to announce the project and any public access restrictions.

Important Security Information
The pier is designed and intended to be self-operating.
MWRA retains the right to temporarily close the pier should
weather conditions or other factors cause the MWRA to
believe that public safety may be jeopardized.

view from shore

The view above is from Boston Harbor facing Deer Island’s shore.
The center of the orange snow fence is on the location of the Deer Island Fishing Pier.
The Contractor will relocate rocks to prepare for installation of a retaining wall
and lay down location for a barge to drive pilings.

Public Access Plan and Parking During Construction:

Pedestrians will be redirected along some public access pathways from one side of the road to the other around the fishing pier during construction. There is signage in place for guests to direct them during any detours.

Public Access and Parking Once Completed:

Once open, the pier will be accessible to the public year-around, from sunrise to sunset. MWRA will provide 20 additional parking spaces for the Fishing Pier at Deer Island.

MWRA Contact:

If you have any questions please email Jeffrey.McLaughlin or call (617) 305-5762.

To receive electronic project updates, please register your email address with the MWRA Alerts Service, provided through Everbridge.


Construction updates will be posted in this section.

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