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Ambient Monitoring Plan Modifications
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  Modifications to the Ambient Monitoring Plan Approved
  Report: Ambient monitoring plan for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority effluent outfall, revision 2. July 2010.
  Notice and List of changes for public comment July 2010.
 Related Material: Maps showing the overall changes in sampling locations for water column and benthic stations for different phases of the monitoring including the Zone of Initial Dilution.

Benthic Monitoring Design
Benthic Baseline 1992-2000
Benthic Discharge Period 2000-2003
Benthic Discharge Period 2004-2009
Benthic Station Map, all phases
Water Column Monitoring Design
Water Column Baseline 1992-2000
Water Column Discharge Period 2000-2003
Water Column Discharge Period 2004-2009
Water Column Station Map, all phases
Clostridium perfringens


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